About us Our working principle is extremely simple

The LEVELENS platform is your universal assistant in choosing the type and direction of investments.

LEVELENS is a universal financial intermediary that combines all areas of investment.

Here you can get professional advice and choose an individual option for investing and increasing your funds with a relatively low waste of time and energy.

Our main goal is to combine supply and demand on the most favorable terms for both parties.

An individual approach to each investor is one of the most important conditions for the operation of our platform. The direction and method of investment is determined individually for each of our partners.

LEVELENS is the best choice for those who want to capitalize on their activities. Our investment proposals have been designed to maximize the benefits for both parties.

Our partner companies go through a huge series of filtering and checks in order to make your investment safe and profitable.


"Your future is determined by the actions you are doing at the moment.”

Go towards your future with LEVELENS.

History of creation How the desire
to help turned us into
an innovative platform

The creation of the LEVELENS platform begins in 2020, exactly at the time when the investment market reached its peak and the number of offers on the market became impossible to count.

Unfortunately, some of these investment proposals are implausible and it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish them from real options.

It was at this moment that the idea arose of creating a universal financial consultant capable of meeting one of the main criteria - the search and determination of safe and profitable investment areas.

At the moment, thousands of investors are actively looking for proposals to increase their capital, and our company was created precisely to help you choose an individual way of investing.

Our investment strategists conduct in-depth analysis and risk assessment of investments in various companies in order to provide the most profitable and reliable offers to increase your capital.

Courage, perseverance and resourcefulness are the main features of our team, which every day is in search of relevant and safe investment proposals for the purpose of each partner of our company can choose a way of investing based on individual criteria.

We are on the verge of discovering of unique tools and ways to increase funds precisely so that each of our partners can comfortably and profitably invest and increase their capital.

Creating and increasing capital is a very delicate and painstaking art that needs to be constantly learned. Here you will not find lectures on financial literacy and the inclination to invest in certain companies. Our platform provides a unique opportunity to select an individual way of investing, exchange relevant information and experience with other partners and many prospects for self-realization and building your financial capital.

Cooperation with LEVELENS is your pass to the sphere of profitable and safe investment activity.


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OUR MISSION Giving everyone
the chance to earn

Our main goal is to create a universal platform that combines thousands of offers for various types and methods of investment: from short-term and low-yield to long-term and high-yield offers.

Our mission is to combine as many companies and offers as possible to create a universal, safe list of offers.

We want to make an unlimited financial platform on which you can not only choose a profitable way of investing, but also share your impressions and experiences in various fields. It is a meeting place for countries and generations, principles and intentions, allies and partners.

Here you can change your perception and attitude towards the investment business and efface all boundaries, both between countries and continents, and in your mind too.

Starting cooperation with LEVELENS you become a part of the future universal mechanism that can turn the old understanding of investment activity and show the whole world new opportunities and prospects for development in this area of building a business.


“We work to make your money work for you”
is our main slogan.

The LEVELENS platform works every day to make your investment activities as profitable and comfortable as possible.

HOW WE EARN MONEY Transparency is the main factor of success

The current investment market is full of various offers and investment methods. Financial platform LEVELENS has developed a convenient system for combining supply and demand.

When our partner begins cooperation with one of the provided companies - our mechanism begins to actively work.

With each of the provided companies which you can see on the site, a certain commitment was made to increase the rate of growth of the partner level. We are provided with a specific activity plan, which we obligate to accomplish.

We do not receive various bonuses and awards from investors,like other similar financial intermediaries. We receive it from companies with which we conduct direct cooperation.

This is what makes LEVELENS stand out from other financial intermediaries. We help people find their profitable and convenient business, bringing them the income they need, and do not demand absolutely nothing in return.

Payment for our activities is made exclusively by partner companies, and not by investors. Also, for building an affiliate network and overfulfilling the activity plan, companies provide us with additional bonuses in monetary value, most of which are provided to active partners who are building their partner networks.

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