The most active and enterprising leaders of the LEVELENS platform are provided with a unique opportunity to join the LEVELENS staff. Subject to the fulfillment of the activity plan, the terms of which you can find below, you are granted the right to open a personal consultation center of the platform LEVELENS, thanks to which you can consult on investment issues on the full rights of a platform employee. Also, you are given the position of a junior specialist LEVELENS, which gives you the right to conduct official consultations and provide people with assistance in the field of investment activities.

One of the main tasks of the LEVELENS platform is to increase the number of branches in the world in order to help most investors avoid mistakes and form only a proven algorithm of actions and methods to achieve financial well-being. In this aspect, we need to rely on experienced and knowledgeable people who are ready to help new investors and become their mentors in the investment world. We are confident that in the near future the LEVELENS platform will be in demand among all types of investors, and will bring the investment business to a new level, which will make investment activities simple and transparent for everyone


The interest is calculated from each purchased investment package by your partner.

Unique bonus Junior Specialist Award in

The junior specialist of the company, after opening an official branch of the company, is given a unique bonus - a percentage income from the turnover of your branch.

This will allow you to receive even more benefits and add motivation to all the clients you consult. This bonus is one-time and applies to all lines of your affiliate network.

THREE STEPS TO SUCCESS Conditions for opening an office

Achieving career status as a leader of 10th level by attracting and expanding the partner network.

Turnover of attracted investments

The turnover of attracted investments must reach 60,000 LVL on all 6 levels in depth.

Number of team members

The number of your partners in the investment team should be more than 20 users across all 6 levels in depth.

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